183541_10150196630102538_1796169_nStrukturator – стерео проект лайв перформера та медіа-артиста, організатора Sensimo festival Міхаїла Мироненка. Десять років музикант працює в авторському напрямку, який іменує bio techno. Основу цього live підходу складають варіативні емоційні етюди, абстрактниe генеративності та закономірності природи. Відкритого слухача, така комбінація з пульсуючих сюжетів і семантичних історій, залучить в потік вібрацій і власних інсайтів. Релізи відзначені на лейблах концептуального саунду, таких як Unoiki, GrowVinyl, Doma Musique, MusicKollectiv.

Misha Strukturator was born in Simferopol (the Crimean peninsula). He was always close to nature, wind and the voice of the sea.
Misha discovered minimal techno for himself when he became a thoughtful electronic music listener. His aim to get away from a noise to feel special intelligent sound waves around.
He trust the futuristic illusion that tomorrow never has previous forms. That’s why he began systematically capture smooth field recordings. Years spent in Moscow, club culture of this city and the power of Misha’s observation, as the basis of inspiration, led him to experiments on sequencing sounds.
Misha’s initial mystic dubby live set’s in 2007 impressed many music lovers and motivated him to continue. Minibar club at Moscow became one of the underground places where his first vinyl dj set’s sounded.
This innovative etudes are came from abstract ways of changing sizes and alternating voltages of extremely organized elements of his surrounding mirages records. Essential feature of strukturator’s works is the vortex interpenetration of natural bio rhythms with unpredictable solfeggio of industrial city. This symbiosis of opposites represents the harmony of nature and used in his author’s “sound design” for video artist’s works and sound support for different exhibitions and other art events .
The first works by Strukturator was released on Domamusique label in 2011 with the title Dubbassylon EP. This EP attracted the attention of open minded people all over the world and inspired 9 great musicians from different countries to support this release with their remixes.
The main priority of Strukturator’s work is a live performance act. This Live pa’s are creating special microtonal atmosphere not only for closed smart advanced activities, but also for large festival venues and clubs, such as Arma17. Improvisation is an incredibly important component, where musician’s harmony and his skills are just participating in the adaptation to the listener the cosmic information rays. This fresh spirit of improvisation allows to balance on a thin blade of internal and external perception of reality.
Cooperation with electronic and live musicians and open approach to searching of new sounding have led to creation of his own polyphonic acoustic drums of freakish forms in combination of ceramics, leather and wood.
Misha Strukturator is the organizer and the participant of various experimental live projects, one of which is Dubteklab.

tracks appeared on:
Grow Vinyl
Kalimari Musique (CAN)
Doma Musique (ESP)
Musickollektiv (RUS)
Mischievous Musique (ARG)
Criminal r3cords (ITA)
Midi8 (UA)
Subself (UA)



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